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Welcome to GrID uX


For more information you may contact us at




We have different divisions depending on what is needed by us. This is to make it easier for us to communicate inbetween teams and to divide work & focus work and steps for a specific task. our current divisions consist of:

Network Our network engineers, these individuals will make sure your services are accessible to you and your clients/users.

Sysadmin Our system administrators will make sure your services are all running proprerly and optimized for your system.
If you need any sort of help - you should always reach out to the system administrator first! (in short sysadmin) (You will always have the ability to contact
them directly)

SEO Search Engine Optimizers This division makes sure that your website is visible and included in search engines of your choice.

Design Our designers help you out with logotypes & website design and that sort of thing.

VPS Division makes sure you actually have a server capable of running whatever service you want it to run, within your pricepoint.


We do not have any sponsors as of now


Task Force Ghosts
Our unit testers

About our website

You might be curious as to why our website is the way it is! First of, we realised that we did not need a dynamic website with loads of images along with gradients, colours & animations. We want to provide you with the only major element you need, information.

We also decided, without php & sql amongst other services... we would be less prone to leak information. Alas, we could not be too certain we would still be safe from attempts to steal our data... so this whole server is just a big empty honeypot...

We purposely created our website this way so that no information about you could be passed on - gathered by you or by us. Because it does not collect any sort of data and we do not use any kind of cookies.

Our website works on every phone and pc out there, old or new. Would not be surprised if it even worked on a toaster.
This website consists of one html file and one css file. We use NGINX to host it.


Thermal Field Goggle Our HMD with
thermal optics and ability to detect
wireless devices that emitt any kind of radio signal

GrID OS Null Is an operating system built to our
very own requirements that should suit office use
more than enough! With the ability to ghost
without losing data, enterprise level security
& and stability above all else.
Ready to use with windows RDP

× This website does not store any information from its visitors.