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Welcome to GrID uX

Past Continuous Future Perfect
Developing modularity | Designing effortless | Reusability | Reverse engineering

Dev. Build 1 - Allatum
Allatum Dev UI
Early concept GrID OS Null
GrID OS Null


Designed with children and elders in mind - easy to read and easy to navigate both on mobile & desktop interfaces.

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Allatum HMD fused together with sensors increasing the users local awareness.
Exists as headworn unit aswell as handheld in a modular fashion with the ability to expand on its features OTG - reducing cost and increasing availability to the masses.

GrID OS Null Is an operating system built to our
very own requirements that should suit office use
more than enough! With the ability to ghost
without losing data, enterprise level security
& and stability above all else.
Ready to use with windows RDP

GrID OS + Using the Null system as a base image,
+ is a derivative for Medical purposes, with built in journaling
capable of sharing data between computers in a decentralized network within the clinic.
Be advised - This system does not support "Internet".

GrID OS ^ Using the Null system as a base image again,
^ is a derivative for testing purposes, with built in Denial Software and Sensory Attacks
capable of engaging the objective on several different vectors.