Developing modularity | Designing effortless
 Reusability | Reverse engineering

applying science for today

The vision with GrID uX is to bring the neccesary utilities to help you become more aware and secure in different ecosystems across the globe

Researching & developing worn automated utilites such as augmented reality coupled with neural networks working both AD-HOC and globally with other units
for the wearer to better assess patient & environmental data

GrID uX is not User eXperience usually corelated with Graphical User Interfaces
instead we imagine an actual grid in space, different zones require different amounts of awareness - car manufacturers develop autonomous vehicles whereas we want to integrate similar systems but for human interpretation via AR and assisted by AI

We believe good design is reducing properties to minimum such as
reducing punctuation or waste


MCESAR Project is a research and development project

Increasing awareness - enabling harm reduction for & in our ecosystems

MCESAR is a vocal derivative of Material Computing Sensor Sustainability Repairability Research (MCSSRR)

This can be done via several ways, some of which are via equipment, education and/or practice

MCESAR includes topics such as  
Material research
Computing research
Sensor research
Sustainability research
Repairability research

& MEC design topics  
Modular design
Effortless design
Chassis design
BMS method


M.Ashrafi Ghoshoni Asl
Lead R&D / Tutor
Sweden, Stockholm
GMT +2 | 13:00-23:00
+46 (0) 706861337

Available for hire


We are looking for people to work and grow with

ongoing Projects & research

GrID uX specialize in applied science in tech for todays and tommorows heritage


Problems exist to be solved
We have reacted already so let us become more proactive by enabling you to adopt MCESAR


Worn unit developed and researched to increase local awareness of users on foot

Grid os

Open-Source Operating System designed for the health sector, QA & law enforcement


Handheld unit designed to replace stationary computers within the health sector with a mobile unit capable of journaling and communications within a semi de-centralised system with AD-HOC capabilites

Design & communications

Every specific audience speaks a specific language and so should your website & commercials do aswell


MCESAR R&D scoped to improve wellbeing of todays and tommorows ecosystems

completed work

tech support
healthcare sector

office migration

tech support
dental health sector


redundancy setup

gui ux design

graphics design

physical pen-test